3 Next Level SEO Guide for Ecommerce Startups

Businesses seeking to ensure that their ecommerce pages will succeed must work hard to achieve it. With the proliferation of websites, ecommerce startups must establish an exceptional online presence and reputation. They also need to work collaboratively with a savvy ecommerce SEO or search engine optimization company to meet their clients’ needs. These agencies know the intricacies of driving leads to the pages to give them a chance to convert the audience into paying customers. Though ecommerce startups can set out on their own, the process becomes much easier with an expert team behind them. 

These agencies not only know the requisite techniques to drive leads to the page, but they also know how to cultivate and nurture them. They use reputation management tools to screen feedback and reviews and highlight them to entice more clients. They can also devise different campaign strategies that will establish the site as the industry leader. Having them assist the startup in navigating the initial phase of their operations will be a huge help.

Here are three things that ecommerce startups must consider if they want to succeed in their endeavor. Then, they need to integrate these into their web pages and advertising campaigns to gain traction and attract quality leads. 

  1. Optimize your website

When we talk about online visibility, we need to ensure that our website will attract our target clients. For the ecommerce site to get noticed, it must have the necessary elements to make it stand out from the millions of similar web pages. Therefore, you should work with a dedicated team to ensure that your page will have the right aesthetics, layout, and content. 

Part of optimizing the website includes ensuring that it loads quickly and correctly. Your target audience must also encounter a positive page experience. The site should also have a relevant, relatable, and exceptional variety of content to enhance their visit. With search engines rolling out different algorithms to rank websites, your team must be on top of the situation. They have to be ready to tweak the page elements to rank higher in the recommendations list. 

  1. Establish your EAT

For your website to rank higher despite the changing search engine algorithms, you need to establish your EAT. What does EAT stand for, you ask? It stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Your page needs to improve on these components after optimizing for the necessary core vitals.

With search engines ranking pages with established expertise, domain authority, and trustworthiness higher than the rest, it’s critical for your page to address these needs. You can improve on these aspects by creating compelling content and responding positively to various customer service concerns. You can encourage your clients to spread the word through positive feedback and reviews on other sites. You can also ask other companies to link to your site to establish even more legitimacy. Getting more mentions in public forums will also increase your visibility and online reputation. 

  1. Revise your site architecture

If your site truly wants to stand out from the rest, you should consider changing the page layout. With ecommerce sites sharing almost the same page architecture, you need to update the content and arrangement. Make it easier for your clients to navigate your site. Make the necessary adjustments to the number of images, blogs, and videos and highlight the feedback and links. 

Your team must also consider the number of clicks the client should use to return to the landing page. The lesser the clicks, the better. Ensure that they will encounter a good experience because it will affect their impression of your site. If they feel good about your site, they’ll give you a glowing recommendation. 


Ecommerce startups shouldn’t feel that they have to face an uphill climb. They can increase their online visibility, reputation, and ranking with a few SEO techniques that will help them establish their domain authority and expertise. They have to work closely with an expert SEO company to ensure their success.