5 awesome Bollywood dance studios in Dubai!

If you have bought one of the apartments for sale in City walk Dubai or you have been living in the bungalows or villas in Dubai, you are probably aware of the endless opportunities Dubai offers. Like a lot of other trends, the Bollywood dance trend is the major attraction for most Emiratis.

Given the insane popularity, Bollywood has gained all across the world, Dubai has opened a number of great dance studios that offer choreography classes and services for occasions like Mehendi night and Sangeet.

The Bollywood dance is the fusion of all exciting things. It includes Hindi-inspired choreography, costume, music and flamboyant performance. Bollywood dance is easily everyone’s favourite and it is not just fun to perform but also a delight to watch. Dance lessons in studios of \Dubai although primarily focus on choreography routine and pop music by the biggest film industry, i.e. Bollywood.

So whether you want to learn how to move like all the Indian actresses you drool over, or want to prepare for an imminent occasion, come to studios in Dubai and have some fun.

Here, you would find a lot of Bollywood instructors who are truly passionate about dance, therefore they would teach you all the moves with utmost love.

Since, Dubai has a number of great Bollywood dance studio, to make things easier we have compiled a list of some of the best studios, so read on!

  1. Meghna Naidu Dance Academy

This one of the great studios that is run by a Hindi actress called Meghna Naidu. The main motive of this actress was to share her passion for Bollywood dance, but with time the studio established itself as one of the top dance studios in Dubai.

Meghna Naidu has appeared in numerous famous Hindi songs such as Kaliyon Ka Chaman.

Given the fact that this dance studio is opened by a well-known actress herself, by choosing this dance studio, you would learn how to move like a star. Furthermore, this studio also understands mainstream Bollywood and offers valuable lessons on dances for Mehendi functions.

  1. Nisha Dance Centre

The philosophy of this dance place is to break down all the bridges and burn down all the barriers, so that dance moves are appropriate for all ages.

Other than a studio for dancing, this place also becomes a spot for school gatherings and different functions. The primary focus of this studio is on flexibility and strength. Also, there are warm-up sessions for really fast Bollywood routines. Furthermore, there are Bhangra dance and other high-energy workouts. As a result, a lot of people come here just to work out.

Most dances are age-appropriate and therefore you can be here to arrange a dance party and have some fun with friends.

  1. Off the Hook Dance Club

This is a Ballet Centre which offers Bollywood dance for all ages.  Primarily, it is run by Ali Shabbir, who is a major dance enthusiast and is especially fond of Bhangra routines. Usually, Ali Shabbir builds the routine based on the dancing skills of his students.

Fun and active classes are also given to connect everyone and get them excited to dance.

The group dancers at this studio cannot stop singing its praises, because indeed this place is tailor-made for everything a dancer needs to encourage themselves. Furthermore, the atmosphere here is lively and pretty educational.

Although you cannot count on this studio if you are wanting to learn new dance skills for a dance competition or grand events. However, if you feel like having fun and learn some steps, Off the Hook dance Club ought is your best bet.

  1. Ocean Kids Dubai

This another great dance studio that provides multiple lessons, including Western dance, Hip Hop and of course the Bollywood. Located right at the heart of Qusais and Karama, this establishment can be accessed very easily. Like many great dance studios in Dubai, Ocean Kids Dubai also offers great dance day camps during holidays.

  1. Kairali Kalakendram

Kairali Kalakendram is founded by classical Indian expert, Asha Sharath. Since this studio has been in Dubai for over twelve years, if you are wanting to learn some classical dance move, no dance studio could offer you a better platform than this.

Other than the great Bollywood dance studio, Dubai has studios for everything one can imagine. So if there is an artist hiding in you do yourself a favour, get a penthouse for sale in Dubai and start living here.