Set the mood before you start your naked massage in London by lighting a candle or playing soft music. You can also create a relaxing atmosphere by lighting a scented candle. The candlelight will illuminate the room by turning the lights off or lowering them to a low level. A candle with a relaxing scent can make the room darker.


Setting the mood for a sensual massage can be as easy as choosing the right music. Avoid loud, repetitive elevator music and instead choose soothing music that has a soothing beat. To make your partner feel at ease, you can also use sensual lighting. Having candles burning in the background can add to the sensual ambiance. Hot massage candles are also an ideal option for sexy wax play.

You should focus on your partner’s stomach and arms when giving a massage. You can also focus your attention on his earlobes. You can trace the lining and gently squeeze at the lobe. You should also focus on the soles of his or her feet. The nape of his or her neck and lower back are also important areas to focus on.

The massage room should have soft lighting and a pleasant temperature. Many people like to use scented candles for aromatherapy. Soft background music can also help set the mood. The room should also be quiet and private. While receiving a massage, you should not use your cell phone or other distractions. A warm bath can also help you relax. Massage oil and bath salts can make the bath experience more relaxing.

The most important part of a sensual massage is setting the mood. If you set the right mood, you can deliver a sensual massage in under ten minutes. Learning the right way to combine the right massage ingredients is important for achieving the desired effect. The massage should be sensual and make your partner feel good.


Massages can bring many benefits, including improved health and well-being as well as increased relaxation. A good massage can be a great way of relaxing, whether you are receiving it for yourself or your partner. There are many ways to learn how you can give the perfect massage. You can purchase a video course that will show you how to give a full-body massage to someone else. You can also sign up for a free newsletter that will keep you informed of the latest health and wellness tips and advancements in the field.

The first thing to learn is the massage technique. This is the most important aspect to massage. You should begin slowly and focus on the chest and shoulders, then move to the back and erogenous zones. You should focus on these areas of the body for at least five minutes.