Chic Beds on Sale at Online Furniture Stores

After searching for days or maybe even weeks for the perfect living room set, you’ve found just the right fit. The online furniture company you’ve found has reasonable prices, the quality seems excellent, they have an outstanding reputation and best of all, free shipping. No worries about what it will cost to ship that elegant set of furniture.

The details seem to be spelled out, but there are differences sofa bed in shipping options. You may be expecting your furniture to be delivered directly to your living room and might find yourself surprised that it was instead dropped at the curb. To make sure you know what to expect you need to understand all the shipping options available and which ones apply to your purchase.

The first option is curbside shipping. Curbside shipping is just what is says, it is shipped to the curb. The shipment may have been made by just one driver, whose responsibility is only to unload the shipment to the curb. It will be the customer’s responsibility to bring the furniture inside and set it up. That means if you are expecting a heavy shipment, you may want to enlist the help of friends or family to get the pieces into the home, assembled and set up.

The second option is white glove delivery. There are usually several levels of white glove delivery service. Sometimes it’s just delivering it to the nearest dry area, and may or may not include stairs and the like. Often though white glove delivery means the items will be shipped to a delivery company in the local area. That local delivery company will call the customer for a specific delivery appointment. At the delivery appointment, the items will be delivered, unpacked, setup and the packing debris will be removed. White glove delivery is usually not a free option. There is usually an extra charge added for this delivery. However, if curbside delivery will be too inconvenient or if you don’t think you will be able to find people to help you put your furniture in your home then you might want to pay the extra for white glove delivery.