Tornado Vs Mobile Home – Are You Safe?

We know that we can connect to satellite TV and Internet in a stand alone house, in an apartment and in a condominium. But how many of us know that we can also gain access to satellite Internet and satellite TV programming in a mobile conveyance such as a recreational vehicle (RV) or a trailer? We can now easily obtain portable mobile satellite TV and Internet even in an RV or a trailer.

Whether you are using your RV as an office, as an emergency الكترون vehicle, or a traveling residence you may have all of the conveniences of home. The satellite disk is stowed in the roof of the vehicle and deployed when it is needed. Although you can have both, the TV and the Internet, you do have to have two different dishes. Assuming you are using your RV as an office, you will have a dish that will enable you to have Internet connection. If you want to watch television then you definitely have to have another dish specifically for television viewing.

To secure mobile Internet systems it takes about seven seconds and one click of a button. The connection is broadband and broadband does not have any dead zones and you can connect high speed. The vehicle does have to be parked in order for the mobile system to operate. It will not work if the vehicle is moving, in fact, if you do not deploy the dish before you start to move it will automatically deploy as soon as it detects the vehicle is moving.

There are several manufacturers of the mobile satellite system and to name a few, there are DirecTV, Dish Network, Ground Control, MotoSat and C-Com. There are two systems one is the mobile dish System (MDS) and the other is Broadcast Global Area Network (BGAN). The difference between these two systems is that the BGAN can be installed in a laptop where the Mobile Dish System cannot be installed into a laptop. If you like to travel or carry your laptop wherever you go then, the BGAN system is probably the best for you. There is a fee with BGAN as they charge by the mega byte downloaded. When you compare dishes for your mobile unit you will see that there is about a difference of two feet as one dish is about four feet and the other is about six feet. Research shows that it is suggested that the larger dish is the preferable one and has a better connection.

You can attach any computer to either system whether it is Windows or Macintosh. It can also accommodate a wireless system if your computer has certain necessary software. However, you cannot install your own portable mobile satellite system. In order to install the system properly the installer should be a professional and certified for this type of installation.

The dish will locate the satellite no matter where you are with one simple click of a button and will generally take about six to seven minutes or less to start up. You do have to be parked in order for the system to work. As for transmission; if the weather is inclement and there is a downpour it may hinder transmission but a normal rainstorm or shower will not bother the system. The transmission is better in stormy weather when the dish is larger.