Weston A Price Foundation – A Source of Wise Food Traditions

Weston Price, DDS became a dentist who inside the 1930s studied local populations round the world who were nonetheless consuming a herbal, entire meals-based food plan. He discovered that they had been now not most effective healthier than others consuming a greater subtle foods weight-reduction plan, but that they had a long way fewer cavities and straighter enamel. He observed that the healthiest of these peoples that he studied had diets rich in fats soluble nutrients like diet A and vitamin D from animal foods which includes butter, eggs, animal fat and shellfish. These nutrients, he located, were catalysts that helped with mineral absorption and the usage of protein. These findings are defined in more detail in his e-book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

The Weston A Price Foundation is a nonprofit business enterprise based in 1999 to disseminate the studies of Weston Price. It is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American weight-reduction plan through training, research and activism. They post a quarterly magazine, Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, and feature neighborhood chapters that assist purchasers discover healthful meals available in their communities.

Weston Price found and published many not unusual traits of traditional diets, such as:

The diets of the healthful natives he discovered contained NO refined ingredients, together with white sugar or flour, no pasteurized, homogenized or low fat dairy merchandise, no corn syrup, no subtle or hydrogenated vegetable oils and no artificial vitamins, flavors, hues or different chemicals brought to their meals. All wholesome conventional cultures consumed a few kind of animal food, like meat, eggs, uncooked dairy merchandise or fish. There were no wholesome vegan businesses that he located. In reality, in standard the ones consuming only small amounts of meat or dairy, but nonetheless consuming entire foods diets, had been no longer as wholesome. Traditional, nutrient-wealthy fats have nourished healthy people for heaps of years. These consist of butter, duck and goose fats, coconut and palm oil, bloodless pressed olive oil and marine oils inclusive of cod liver oil.

Weston A. Price Foundation Dietary Guidelines include:

Eat complete, unprocessed ingredients and NO packaged meals.
Eat meats and eggs from pasture-fed animals.
Eat wild fish (now not farmed), and shellfish from unpolluted waters.
Eat complete-fats dairy merchandise from pasture-fed cows, uncooked if at all viable.
Use animal fats, like butter, in a liberal way.Not Ducks Unlimited Washington that long in the past, even Americans fed on lots extra butter and had less heart sickness.
Use conventional vegetable oils handiest — more virgin olive oil, bloodless-pressed sesame oil and the tropical oils — coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil.
Take a clean source of cod liver oil on a regular basis, mainly in the iciness months.
Use best complete grains, legumes and nuts that have been properly organized like traditional peoples did by way of soaking, sprouting or sour leavening to neutralize phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors.
Use lacto-fermented veggies, fruits, drinks and condiments in your eating regimen on a ordinary foundation, like selfmade sauerkraut or beet kvass.
Use filtered water for cooking and ingesting.
Use unrefined sea salt.
Be mild approximately your use of herbal sweeteners, such as raw honey, maple syrup and dehydrated cane sugar juice (like our favorite, the Rapadura emblem).
Weston A. Price warns in opposition to the subsequent:

Avoid commercially processed foods.
Avoid all subtle sweeteners such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup or even fruit juices.
Avoid white flour and white rice.
Avoid all refined vegetable oils made from soy, corn, canola and cottonseed.
Do now not exercise strict vegetarianism (veganism) (no, vegans do not actually stay longer).
Avoid pasteurized and specially ultra-pasteurized milk and dairy merchandise.
Avoid synthetic food components, specially MSG.Most sauces, broths, soups and condiments like catsup contain MSG, even supposing now not classified as such.
Do no longer drink fluoridated water.
Do now not use a microwave oven*.
* Note: This is another sudden object for lots. However, German studies display that microwaving meals changes our blood count number in several methods, including a vast boom in white blood cells. This is an immune reaction that generally way we are combating an contamination or infection. Because of this, a few researchers believe that our increasing use of microwaves to warmness and cook food may be associated with the increase in autoimmune problems.
I distinctly recommend the non-earnings Weston A Price Foundation internet site which has loads more statistics: westonaprice.Org. At this website, you can find out more approximately why they espouse the above suggestions, and discover more myths and truths about vitamins that you can’t always examine somewhere else.

They have additionally compiled a number of studies and different facts at the dangers of most soy products, for everybody, but particularly for babies which might be fed soy method.